UPDATE on Basketball Academy of MAC 4 Enterprises

Basketball Academy (B.B.A.) of MAC- 4 Enterprises

The inaugural season of B.B.A. will allow the first class of basketball players to set the standard for the Basketball Academy of MAC-4 Enterprises. While preparing for our first season of competition, we are excited to welcome our incoming class to a city that is a special place for college-aged students with a staff that has over 50 years of collegiate and high school experience with basketball players.

B.B.A. is a Post Graduate Basketball Academy located in the capital city of Florida, Tallahassee. Tallahassee is the home of three colleges that house over 80,000 students with Tallahassee Community College leading the trio of institutions with over 38,000 populating the city with nearly 200,000 citizens. Florida State University and Florida A&M University are 4-year institutions that have an assortment of degree programs for their diverse student populations.

The coaches and staff of B.B.A. features former collegiate coaches and high school coaches to help prepare our athletes for participating in collegiate basketball. The primary intent of our staff is to enhance the skill set of our participants and their individual maturity to help prepare them for their next step collegiately as basketball players and college students.

We provide on-site supervised housing for our participants. The athletes of B.B.A. reside in a home with their fellow teammates. Transportation to and from team practices, meetings and activities are provided by their in-house supervisor. The B.B.A. players go through rigorous daily workouts which include weight lifting, conditioning, flexibility, and skill work on the court. Multiple workouts in the same day are implemented in order to help players improve at a rapid pace and to best simulate the schedule faced at the collegiate level. 

The specific team and individual training, prepares our players to play 20+ games against the best competition available in the southeast US including Community College competition. Playing as many community colleges as possible enhances the recruitment opportunities for our athletes. 

Mission Statement

Our intent is to develop each player to reach their full potential, play competitive games to maximize exposure and recruitment,  prepare our basketball players  physically, mentally, socially  and academically for college eligibility and college life.

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Over 80,000 college students in Tallahassee

ExecutiveDirector Mickey Clayton

Retired Division I Head Coach

The Executive Director of B.B.A. is former Division I Head Basketball Coach, Mickey Clayton. 

Coach Clayton is the nation’s only Division I head basketball coach to win conference championships in men and women’s basketball. This was accomplished at Florida A&M University where Coach Clayton also won a basketball championship as a player on the Rattler basketball squad. 

NCAA Tournament & Tidbits

Coach Clayton’s MEAC Tournament Championship team advanced to Charlotte, North Carolina and played Duke University in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. 

The last Florida A&M University basketball player to get drafted into the NBA was the 7’1 Jerome James selected in the 2nd round by the Sacramento Kings. Jerome played for the Kings, SuperSonics, Knicks and Globetrotters.


Coach Clayton also has over twenty years of collegiate experience in Academic Advisement as a counselor and Director of the General Studies Academic Advisement Center and Director of the Athletic Department Academic Advisement Center. These experiences are essential in providing the necessary college classes for our athletes. Coach Clayton has been able to use these experiences in formulating a partnership with Tallahassee Community College to offer 2 college classes. 

MAC 4 Offices at 4413 Entrepot Blvd

Home of the Basketball Academy of MAC 4


Studio 13 is the home for MAC 4 Enterprised. It is a 2,600 square foot air-conditioned facility we use for team activities, events and meetings. We have jumbo television screens that are used for sports event viewing and team building exercises. We are located on an acre of land that also allows for additional supervised cross-training conditioning programs.

Studio 13 is also the site of our 6-hour collegiate on-line program. Our classes finish their session with B.B.A. with 6 hours of transferable college credit. Tutors are present as we want to ensure their successful matriculation into college classes.

B.B.A. is a post-graduate basketball academy that services our athletes for 6 months from September to the of February. Our student-athletes have completed high school and are not currently high school students.

 We are ONLY seeking students who wish to take a year before entering college as a full-time student and enhance their scholarship opportunities. Taking only 6 hours allows our students to maintain their full 4-years of eligibility. 

The eligibility of the students does not start until a student-athlete is enrolled full-time or 12 hours.

Our attending B.B.A. athletes are not high school students, we are a post-graduate basketball academy.

Players who already have their SAT/ACT score have the option to retake the test to try and improve their final score.

Our International B.B.A. athletes can enter America on a Visitor's Visa not on a Student Visa.

Special Event Bonding


Event Dinners


Exclusive Enrichment Component

Exclusive to the Basketball Academy of MAC 4 is the Jimmy Sauls Leadership Component. Held at Studio 13, this proven and very popular program was designed to assist our youth in the enhancement of life-skills, community involvement and how to deal with personal issues. This program has conducted over 20 sessions in three years and is now a part of Leon County's After School Program at various schools. This acclaimed program is a part of the Basketball Academy MAC 4. 

Jimmy Sauls Leadership Academy

Interviewing Techniques


We want to prepare our classes for success. We teach them the finer points of being interviewed and dealing with the media. Pictured here is award winning reporter Alison Posey, who is doing an actual demonstration with high school basketball players from Florida High School.

Studio 13


Home of MAC 4 Enterprises is a 2,600 square foot multi-use facility that hosts the B.B.A. events, including the academic sessions and the Jimmy Sauls Leadership Academy.

Drug Abuse


Doctoral candidate, Michael Sue Jenefsky the Intimacy Mentor speaks about the dangers and perils of drug abuse. There are also sessions on dealing with domestic violence.

Law Enforcement Relations


An active participant in this program is Leon County Sheriff, Walt McNeil. Sheriff McNeil speaks directly to the students about dealing with law enforcement and how to avoid situations in a manner only he can do.

Financial Advice


We want to prepare our classes for future success. To help prepare them for financial security we have Mr. Bill Durham speak on planning for their future. 

Maintaining Respect


Attorney Anthony Miller, the President of our Board of Directors, himself a father of three student-athletes, speaks on maintaining a commitment to the community and relationships with parents.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a high school or prep school?

It is neither. 

It is a post-secondary program, meaning students have to be high school graduates.

Will participation count against college eligibility?

College eligibility does not count until a student-athlete is a full-time student. Twelve hours is generally considered full-time. Our students are encouraged to take 2 on-line classes at their home community colleges. Part of our program is to teach our students college note taking and study habits.

Is there a payment schedule available.

To a degree it is, the payments are only spread out for 3 months of the 5 month program.

How are community college or collegiate coaches notified about the students?

Coach Mickey Clayton is formerly a Division I head basketball coach with contacts at various college levels. In addition many of the games will be taped, placed and distributed from the INSiiGHTS Sports Media base.

Is food and lodging provided for the students?

Food and lodging are provided for the out-of-town students, which is covered in their participation fees. The students will receive two meals per day.

Application for INSiiGHTS Basketball Academy

INSiiGHTS BBA APPLICATION upload pdf (pdf)


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